We Deliver The Best In Class

Our event division builds on the team’s experience of the beyond automotive and Motorsports sector. We design, manage and deliver bespoke and creative events, with impeccable detailing to meet our clients’ requirements. Our in-house teams offer support and services such as merchandising, hospitality units, technical support and logistics. We pride ourselves in being able to deliver every aspect of a Motorsport or event brief. This means that our hospitality unit and support services are every bit as critical as the marketing functions themselves. Our events team take something ordinary and make it extraordinary. That’s the ‘ boutique solution’ – attention to detail and personal service makes for a winning event.

Race Day Suite

Enjoying the race in ‘style’, leaving the heat on the track.

Eyes for detailing

Utilise branding opportunities without going over the top.

Great hospitality

Working closely with the partners to achieve what they envision.

Up close and eventful

Providing first-hand experience with engaging activities.



了解您喜欢的比赛的幕后运作方式。 【绝对车队(Absolute Racing)】可以为您提供参观赛道的方法,让您深入了解车队和赛道的历史与背景。

我们【绝对车队(Absolute Racing)】的核心任务之一就是培养年轻且成熟的赛车人才。我们可以提供一个有利于学习的环境以及齐全的基础设施,以帮助赛车手学习新技能并巩固其他技能。

想举办培训活动并训练赛车手如何将跑车速度达到极限?【绝对车队(Absolute Racing)】可以为您提供安全而有利的培训环境。您还可以联系我们进行VIP赛道游览,媒体体验,驾驶体验,经销商活动,赛车讲解等活动。

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