[fusion_text]Team Bentley Absolute has embarked upon a new collaboration with W11.com, a well known online entertainment platform for Asia, for the 2016 GT Asia Series.

Founded in 2010, W11.com has soon become one of the leading entertainment hubs in Asia by providing top class entertainment experiences. W11.com is well known and has rapidly expanded into Greater China and South East Asia. Today, W11.com has more than 80 million active members and is a fully integrated entertainment hub.

W11.com branding will appear on the pair of Bentley Continental GT3s and on the drivers’ race suits throughout the 2016 GT Asia Series season.

Ingo Matter from the Absolute Racing Team Bentley commented:

“Bentley Team Absolute started the collaboration at the GT Asia Series race in South Korea and the results are promising. We are always striving for the best in both innovation and results and we know that W11.com has the same attitude in providing the best for customers. We hope we can maintain our performance in the upcoming races and we are striving to be crowned the new champion of the 2016 GT Asia Series.”

James Lin, Group Managing Director at W11.com commented:

“The partnership between W11.com and Bentley Team Absolute Racing is based on a solid foundation, both companies are focused on innovation, design and look importantly at effectiveness and efficiency. The result in South Korea is very promising and we believe it’s the result of Bentley’s continuous effort in improving all aspects of their race team. W11.com shares the same qualities that drives us into providing better user focus entertainment platforms to our customers. We are proud to sponsor Bentley Team Absolute Racing and we look forward to the future excitement.”




About W11.com

W11.com is a renowned online entertainment hub is Asia and is one of the market leaders. W11.com provides first class gaming experiences besides offering VIP hospitality in most major casinos in Asia. W11.com founded since 2010 and currently has more than 80 million users through their online gaming platform.


For more information visit: www.w11.com[/fusion_text]